What is the version of The qawisoft?

The price of al-Qawi accounting and warehouse program varies depending on the activity of the enterprise whether it is industrial, commercial or service.

What is the working environment of al-qawisoft accounting and warehouse? 

Al-Qawisoft Accounting and Warehouse  works on all Windows systems

Can al-qawisoft accounting and warehouse

be linked to the watchers?

Al-Qawi Accounting and Warehouse Program can be connected to any perpetual monitor directly without the need for a broker so that financial constraints in account management are generated automatically without having to be manually proven

Does al-qawi accounting and warehouse supposition serve through networks?

Can work on a qawi accounting program and repositories on the network system and multiple users with a system manager

Is there a specific duration for the trial version of al-qawi accounting and warehouse program?

The trial version of al-Qawi accounting and warehouse program determines the number of invoices and bonds that can be worked on for 50 invoices or 100 bonds

Can I import a specific type of data from the Excel environment?

Al-qawi accounting and warehouse program serve the import process of Excel so that a complete bill of materials or an account tree can be imported, and an invoice can be imported as a first-term goods invoice or a bond entry, such as the opening entry.

Can I create more than one account file within
al-qawisoft accounting and warehouse?

More than one account file can be created within al-qawi accounting and warehouse program so that each file is mathematically separate and repository from the rest of the files

How can data be kept from being lost within al-qawi accounting and warehouse program?

Company data can be preserved by backup to prevent it from being lost on the hard drive within the computer or on external memory and can be sent using e-mail

What are the most important computer specifications that need to be available in order for al-qawi accounting and warehouse program to work

Al-qawi accounting and warehouse program works within the minimum limits of the computer knowing that the better the computer specifications the faster the ability to review the warehouse and financial reports

Does al-qawi Accounting and Warehousing Program serve dealing in English?

Yes, al-qawi accounting and warehouse program can be worked on in English as it is in Arabic so that all financial and statistical reports can be obtained in both languages.

Is it possible to modify the name of the accounting file in the name of the company?

The accounting file can be named company name and many information can be added such as website, e-mail and contact addresses

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